The partners in project are:  

Dobrich Municipality - Plants and Animals Protection Center (PAPC)

The Plants and Animals Protection Center is new built and it is unique center in Bulgaria and Eastern Europe. The ZOO has been created by Bulgarian-Swiss project. The Plants and Animals Protection Center is the first licensed ZOO in the country. The Center is opened on September 25, 2003 and covers an area of 160 acres. There are more than 100 animals of 30 species in the Center. They are typical of our area and live in an environment that is as close to their natural. Visitors have the opportunity for direct contact with animals. For the animal care team of professionals.

Contacts: "Nikola Petkov"str. N15, Dobrich, tel./fax: 0035958602850,,

"PRO ZOO Dobrich"

Company "Pro Zoo" is established in Switzerland. In it participate Barbara Gering, professor Ewald Izenbyugel - author of project of the Center in Dobrich and veterinarian Dr. Dolph Burky. On their initiative was established and comparable companie "PRO ZOO Dobrich" in Dobrich city.

Contacts: p.b. 282,, and

Constanta County Council

The Conty Council is a local public administration, organized at district level to coordinate the activities of municipalities, urban councils and municipal councils to provide all public services of regional interest. As coordinator of the institutions of education and culture, museums, local councils in the region, the County Council is an important institution in the promotion of local and regional development

Contacts: "Tomis" blvd. N51,

The Museum Complex of Natural Sciences Constanta

The Museum Complex of Natural Sciences Constanta is a public institution of culture, education, research and development that collects, restores, research and exposes historic and present material testimonies of the evolution and biodiversity of the living world. It represents an important cultural-educational and touristic attraction with a significant role in natural research in Romania.
The main directions of research and development of the institution are:
-biology, mineralogy, paleontology, ecology , oceanology and veterinary medicine;
-socio-economical research in the field of protection, preservation and promotion of natural and cultural heritage.
Thru expositions, book publishing and scientific reports presented at national and international conferences, the institution gain its reputation of museum of public interest and represents one of the main tourist attractions of the Romanian Sea Coast.
The Museal Complex for Natural Sciences Constanta has the following sections:
-Planetarium and Astronomic Observer;

-The Exposition of Exotic Birds.

Contacts: "Mamaia" blvd. N255, Constanta, Romania, tel.: 0040241/481241, fax.: 0040241/481230, ,